About Us

CSC TAMIL PASANGA was established on the 31/08/2019. This Channel has been set up for the service of every active Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE)

CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, a Special Purpose Vehicle, has been set up by the Ministry of Electronics & IT under the Companies Act, 1956 to oversee implementation of the CSC scheme. CSC SPV provides a centralized collaborative framework for delivery of services to citizens through CSCs, besides ensuring systemic viability and sustainability of the Scheme..

To develop CSCs as a reliable and ubiquitous IT-enabled network of citizen service points connecting local population with government departments, business establishments, banks, insurance companies and educational institutions, with an impact on primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the country’s economy.

Some important information.

The Society has been established for the following purposes and from a purely business point of view, and from this the benefit of the VLE member is the pure purpose of the society.

Objectives VLE Society

1. The supply of goods and services ordered by VLE.

2. Training and Support Services for Vle

3. Establishment of warehouses and distribution networks to provide goods and services to the village level entrepreneurs (VLE) registered and accredited by CSC SPV.

4. Properly procure and store goods in the warehouses and other distribution canters set by the organization at the place of service delivery to the vle in the district.

5. Delivery of goods to VLE in accordance with the terms established by the agreement between the Society and the VLE.

6. Take action on the collection, purchase and distribution of any vegan food item.

7. Ensuring the safety of all goods in storage of goods and adequate insurance for transit.

8. The society will be the key link between CSC SPV and VLE and supply companies.

9. Promoting retailing. Implementing a plan by providing the necessary advertising options.

10. Establishment of production units to facilitate packing, refining and related activities.

11. Establish a call center to assist members in facilitating the implementation of the Society’s objectives.

12. Continuation of service and maintenance of telecommunication networks.

13. Establish community radio stations for the needs of members, staff and customers.

14. Running a service centre for automobile computers hardware service providers

15. Establish a Skilling Centre for various job roles.

16. Establish a sports academy and implement different types of sports such as leagues.

17. Establishment of diagnostic center’s for various health related examinations.

18. Continuing content creation and distribution activities. To recruit and protect capable and skilled manpower.

19. Conducting various camps, trainings for building entrepreneurial skills in vle.

20. Establishment of district level employment centers and provide employment to the unemployed.

21. Welfare activities should be implemented especially for the members and staff to promote their moral, educational and physical reforms.

22. To implement various activities for mutual cooperation by members.

23. To do all the things that are relevant and relevant to the acquisition of the above items.

24. Participate in organizing support camps in the event of any natural disaster.

25. Continuation of CSR activities as notified and amended from time to time under section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 and Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014.

26. Accepting payments from corporates for implementation of CSR related activities.

27. To carry out data entry work of various district level administrative departments through vle

28. To create business opportunities for VLE by promoting and disseminating government schemes.