CSC SPV and NHA have entered into an MOU to introduce new PVC Ayushman cards that will now be generated free of cost to all eligible beneficiaries across the country. Visit your nearest CSC outlet to get your Ayushman Card today!



Eligible beneficiaries will now be able to get their Ayushman cards issued free of cost (at no charge to the beneficiary). The MoU was signed by Dr Ram Sewak Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, National Health Authority and Dr Dinesh Tyagi, Managing Director, CSC SPV. Signing the MoU, Dr Ram Sewak Sharma, CEO, National Health Authority said, “I am pleased to be part of this significant development for Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY which will have a large positive impact on the delivery and uptake of the scheme. With the introduction of special PVC Ayushman cards issued completely free and replacement of paper-based cards, beneficiaries will now be able to store them easily at home. 

While having a physical card is not an essential requirement to avail health services under PM-JAY, we have seen that possession of these cards give a sense of entitlement to the beneficiaries and empower them to rightfully demand free healthcare services under the scheme. AB PM-JAY scheme card have become a symbol of social and economic security to them in case of medical emergencies.” Talking about the agreement with CSC, Dr. Sharma added, “This MoU will further deepen the partnership between the National Health Authority and Common Service Centre through which over 9.15 crore beneficiary cards have been issued so far using our own IT system (an additional 4.68 cards were issued by the States using their respective IT systems). It will strengthen the delivery of affordable and quality health services to crores of poor citizens and their families, especially those residing in the remotest corners of the country. Common Service Centre has become an icon of digital empowerment. Through this initiative, we look forward to leveraging the large network of CSC VLEs to make sure that benefits reach the intended beneficiaries across the country.”