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1.Apply with full details / Information for BC on

2. CSC shall verify eligible VLEs, shares the list with the Bank for approval.

3. Selected VLEs to open an ICICI Bank current account on the form. way/ using CSC VLE id.

4. VLE to undertake Biometric eKYC for self and enter the details in the form.

5.VLE will print the (AOF and eKYC response) sign in the designated spaces, scan the following documents and upload the same in the portal.

6.Current Account will be opened instantly with the Bank in a Total freeze status.

7. VLE to visit the selected branch for signature upload with the following documents within 15 days of generation of account number:

a) Original Adhaar card

b) Original PAN card

c) AOF — Signed as per the format

d) eKYC response from UIDAI

e) Copy of PAN card — Self attested

8. Once the submitted document with the Branch is approved VLEs can Start the work as a Banking correspondent (BC) on CSC VLE id.


• If the account is not activated within 15 days, the account shall be closed at the backend.

• VLE needs to submit Police clearance / Verification certificate along with IIBF certificate to Banking team of CSC within the time line.

• CSC SPV or its employees don’t charge any money for generating the Banking Correspondent (BC) code.
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